Functional Programming and Hidden Markov Models

Multi State Models

Tidy Tuesday: The Office

Tidy Tuesday: US Tuition Data

Releasing Harrier League Data

Tidy Tuesday: NHL Goalscorers

Analysing .fit files in R

Forward Mode AD in R

Hamiltonian Monte Carlo in R

Bayesian Linear Regression with Gibbs Sampling in R

Multi-armed Bandits in Scala

Scala and Jupyter Notebook with Almond

Sampling from a distribution with a known CDF

Bayesian Inference using rejection sampling

A Statistical Model for Finishing Positions at the National Cross Country

Efficient Markov chain Monte Carlo in R with Rcpp

Harrier League Cross Country

MCMC with Scala Breeze

An Akka HTTP Client with JSON Parsing

Using Monads for Handling Failures and Exceptions

Seasonal DLM

The Kalman Filter in Scala

Practical Introduction to Akka Streaming

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